Monday, 6 August 2012

National Colours

So I, like pretty much every other person in the country, have been glued to my television supporting Team GB. I never thought I would be so interested - I normally find most sports an absolute yawn-fest (tennis and rugby are the only exceptions) - but it has been amazing to see how well G.B. are doing! If only we could host every year...

Anyway, it seems just about impossible to watch the Olympics without spotting about a hundred Union Jacks (or just about anything, what with this being the Diamond Jubilee year as well!). So I thought I'd have a wee look at what's around for those who fancy wearing their Union Jack, rather than waving it!

Possibilities seem to range from the subtle to the outright patriotic, but there is certainly something for everyone! Granted, there is plenty of stuff which is miles out of my price range, but hey, a girl can dream!

Union Jack

Forever 21 knit sweater

Printed legging

Mantaray navy shoes

Stone jewelry

Jimmy Choo wayfarer sunglasses

Sarah x

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