Thursday, 15 September 2011

Goodbye Summer

Well I took a walk this afternoon and I think it's time to finally give up any hope of an Indian summer and accept that Autumn is well and truly here! It always makes me a little sad to admit defeat and dig out the tights again, but Autumn does have a little charm of its own (even when it's often just full of drizzle, a la U.K.).
A little hopeful?! (   
Of course there are some plus sides to the colder weather...for a start I can at last debut my new duffel coat! I saw it in Topshop for a while already and after finally laying my trusty old one to rest, I went a purchased the new one! It's really lovely and warm (very practical, wouldn't my mother be proud!) and I was especially happy to see it available in Topshop's petite section. Most coats end up with sleeves that are miles too long for me, so it's great to be able to find one that fits properly. I shall be warm all summer long!

Cosy new coat ( 

 Stay warm!

Sarah x

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